# Contributed equally * Corresponding author

Published Papers


  1. Single-cell measurements and modelling reveal substantial organic carbon acquisition by Prochlorococcus
    Zhen Wu#, Dikla Aharonovich#, Dalit Roth-Rosenberg, Osnat Weissberg, Tal Luzzatto-Knaan, Angela Vogts, Luca Zoccarato, Falk Eigemann, Hans-Peter Grossart, Maren Voss, Michael J. Follows*, and Daniel Sher*
    Nature Microbiology (2022)
  2. Imbalance of global nutrient cycles exacerbated by the greater retention of phosphorus over nitrogen in lakes
    Zhen Wu, Jincheng Li, Yanxin Sun, Joesp Penuelas, Jilin Huang, Jordi Sardans, Qingsong Jiang, Jacques Finlay, Gregory L Britten, Michael J Follows, Wei Gao, Boqiang Qin, Jinren Ni, Shouliang Huo, and Yong Liu*
    Nature Geoscience (2022)
  3. PlanktonIndividuals.jl: A GPU supported individual-based phytoplankton life cycle model
    Zhen Wu, and Gael Forget
    Journal of Open Source Software (2022)
  4. A Bayesian approach to modeling phytoplankton population dynamics from size distribution time series
    Jann Paul Mattern#, Kristof Glauninger#, Gregory L Britten, John R Casey, Sangwon Hyun, Zhen Wu, E Virginia Armbrust, Zaid Harchaoui, and François Ribalet*
    PLOS Computational Biology (2022)


  1. Modeling Photosynthesis and Exudation in Subtropical Oceans
    Zhen Wu*, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Oliver Jahn, Daniel Sher, Angelicque White, and Michael J Follows
    Global Biogeochemical Cycles (2021)


  1. Seasonal algal blooms support sediment release of phosphorus via positive feedback in a eutrophic lake: Insights from a nutrient flux tracking modeling
    Rui Zou#, Zhen Wu#, Lei Zhao, James J Elser, Yanhong Yu, Yihui Chen, and Yong Liu*
    Ecological Modelling (2020)
  2. What maintains seasonal nitrogen limitation in hyper-eutrophic Lake Dianchi? Insights from stoichiometric three-dimensional numerical modeling
    Zhen Wu, Rui Zou, Qingsong Jiang, James J Elser, Lei Zhao, Rui Ye, and Yong Liu*
    Aquatic Sciences (2020)


  1. Seasonal pattern of nutrient limitation in a eutrophic lake and quantitative analysis of the impacts from internal nutrient cycling
    Mengzhu Wang, Xiwen Xu, Zhen Wu, Xiaoqian Zhang, Peizhe Sun, Yingting Wen, Zhen Wang, Xuebin Lu, Wei Zhang, Xuejun Wang, and Yindong* Tong
    Environmental science & technology (2019)
  2. Denitrification and the controlling factors in Yunnan Plateau Lakes (China): exploring the role of enhanced internal nitrogen cycling by algal blooms
    Sifeng Wu, Zhen Wu, Zhongyao Liang, Yong Liu*, and Yilin Wang
    Journal of Environmental Sciences (2019)


  1. Identification of watershed priority management areas under water quality constraints: a simulation-optimization approach with ideal load reduction
    Feifei Dong, Yong Liu*, Zhen Wu, Yihui Chen, and Huaicheng Guo
    Journal of Hydrology (2018)
  2. Seasonal and spatial dynamics of denitrification rate and denitrifier community in constructed wetland treating polluted river water
    Bingxin Li, Jianfei Chen, Zhen Wu, Sifeng Wu, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation (2018)
  3. Nitrifying activity and ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in a constructed wetland treating polluted surface water
    Bingxin Li, Yuyin Yang, Jianfei Chen, Zhen Wu, Yong Liu, and Shuguang Xie*
    Science of the Total Environment (2018)


  1. Internal cycling, not external loading, decides the nutrient limitation in eutrophic lake: A dynamic model with temporal Bayesian hierarchical inference
    Zhen Wu, Yong Liu*, Zhongyao Liang, Sifeng Wu, and Huaicheng Guo
    Water Research (2017)
  2. Spatio-temporal shifts in the archaeal community of a constructed wetland treating river water
    Bingxin Li, Huili Chen, Ningning Li, Zhen Wu, Zongguo Wen, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Science of the Total Environment (2017)
  3. Vertical profiles of water and sediment denitrifiers in two plateau freshwater lakes
    Guozhu Mao, Ling Chen, Yuyin Yang, Zhen Wu, Tianli Tong, Yong Liu, and Shuguang Xie*
    Applied microbiology and biotechnology (2017)


  1. Ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in water columns and sediments of a highly eutrophic plateau freshwater lake
    Yuyin Yang, Ningning Li, Qun Zhao, Mengxi Yang, Zhen Wu, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2016)
  2. Spatiotemporal variation of planktonic and sediment bacterial assemblages in two plateau freshwater lakes at different trophic status
    Yu Dai, Yuyin Yang, Zhen Wu, Qiuyuan Feng, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2016)
  3. Distribution of bacterial communities across plateau freshwater lake and upslope soils
    Yihui Chen, Yu Dai, Yilin Wang, Zhen Wu, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Journal of Environmental Sciences (2016)
  4. Temporal and spatial dynamics of archaeal communities in two freshwater lakes at different trophic status
    Yuyin Yang, Yu Dai, Zhen Wu, Shuguang* Xie, and Yong* Liu
    Frontiers in microbiology (2016)


  1. Methanotrophic community abundance and composition in plateau soils with different plant species and plantation ways
    Yu Dai, Zhen Wu, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Applied microbiology and biotechnology (2015)
  2. Distribution of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in plateau soils across different land use types
    Jingxu Zhang, Yu Dai, Yilin Wang, Zhen Wu, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Applied microbiology and biotechnology (2015)
  3. Activity, abundance and structure of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in plateau soils
    Yu Dai, Zhen Wu, Qiheng Zhou, Qun Zhao, Ningning Li, Shuguang Xie*, and Yong Liu*
    Research in microbiology (2015)

Presentation & Talks

  1. Evaluating the implications of mixotrophy in Prochlorococcus using an Individual-based Modeling approach
    Zhen Wu, Daniel Sher, Osnat Weissberg, and Michael J. Follows
  2. Modeling photosynthesis and exudation of DOM in subtropical oceans
    Zhen WuMichael J Follows, and Stephanie Dutkiewicz